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About Us
Memphis Company is one of the companies of the drug holding company in Egypt. Memphis Company is considered one of the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the Middle East since 1940. Since that Memphis chemical co. has always tried to work hardly and produce most needed specialties products. One of its most important activities has been the study of the Egyptian Medical plants, extraction of their active principles and the implementation of a full scale plan of chemical, pharmacological and clinical investigations in which many professors took part.

Our Work Aspects:

  • Sales Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Production, Storage, and Distribution.
  • Compliance with Modern Corporate Governance, Disclosure, and Management standards.
  • Preparing Memphis for major official accreditation and certification (from CGMP and CGP).
  • Crisis Management.
  • Productivity-based wages.
  • Internal Auditing/Central Auditing Organization (CEO)/Auditing Authorities.
  • Fines and Compensations.