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Ahmed Zaghloul

Ahmed Zaghloul, born in November 22nd 1956 was graduated at the school of Medicine, Zagazig University at December 1980. He started his career in the pharmaceutical business with ICI Pharmaceuticals as a medical representative in Egypt. In 1987 he became the sales and marketing manager of ICI Phrama Scientific Office in Egypt. In the same year he has completed the Salesmanship and Marketing Certificate from the American University in Cairo (AUC). In 1989 he has completed a Master Degree in Cardiology from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. In 1990 he became the General Manager of Zeneca Pharma Scientific Office in Egypt. During the period from 1992-1993 he acted as an instructor of the “Marketing Research” in the Centre of Adult Continued Education of the AUC. In 1999 he was accredited as a certified marketing executive from “The Accreditation Institute of Sales and Marketing Executives International-USA”. In 1999 following the merger between Astra and Zeneca pharmaceuticals he was appointed as the general manage of AstraZeneca operation in Egypt. In 2002 he had completed a ‘Post graduate Certificate of Business Administration” from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School.
In July 2004, following leading a project for AstraZeneca to establish its first direct investment in the region and establishing the legal entity of AstraZeneca Egypt he is appointed as the Marketing Company President of the newly established company and continued to lead AstraZeneca Egypt till the end of Dec 2006. From Jan 2007 to Sept 2007 Ahmed Zaghloul acted as an Executive Vice president to Memphis Pharmaceuticals then moved to be the Vice Chairman of the Holding Drug Company in Egypt. In August 27th 2008 he is appointed as Chairman and CEO for Memphis Pharmaceuticals.
Ahmed Zaghloul is a member of the Export Council of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries in Egypt.