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Calci-top Syrup


Each 100 ml contains:
Calcium glubionate
(equivalent to 1.375 gm calcium)
21 gm.
Calcium lactobionate
(equivalent to 0.708 gm calcium)
14 gm.
Citric acid (monohydrate) 1.2 gm.
Benzoic acid 0.1 gm.
Caramel colour 7.5 mg.
Sorbitol solution 70% 20 gm.
Sucrose 10 gm.
Saccharin sodium  0.07 gm.
Orange cocoa flavour 0.5 ml.

Pharmaceutical form: Syrup

Food supplement of calcium.

Dosage and administration:
Calci-top syrup should be administered before meals.

Prophylaxis of hypocalcaemia
Adults: one tablespoonful (15 ml) three times daily.
Children & infants: one teaspoonful (5 ml) four times daily.
Pregnant and lactating women: one tablespoonful (15 ml) four times daily.

Calci-top is contraindicated in hypercalcaemia, hypercalciuria.
Side effect:
Some of the following side effects may occur in some cases:
Gastrointestinal disturbances, bradycardia, arrhythmias and hypercalcaemia.

Drug interactions:
- Hypercalcaemia occurs when Calci-top is given with thiazide diuretics, or vitamin D.
- Bran and corticosteroids decrease the gastrointestinal absorption of calcium.  
- Calci-top enhances the effect of digitalis glycosides on the heart.
- Calci-top reduces the absorption of number of drugs such as bisphosphonates, fluoride, some fluroquinolones and tetracyclines; administration should be separated by at least 3 hours.

Precautions & warnings:
- Calci-top should be given cautiously to patients with renal impairment, or diseases associated with hypercalcaemia such as some malignancies.
- Calci-top should be avoided in patients with renal calculi.
- Plasma calcium concentrations should be monitored closely in patients with renal impairment and if large doses of vitamin D are used concurrently.

Excessive amount of Calci-top may lead to hypercalcaemia.

Mild asymptomatic hypercalcaemia is corrected by increasing oral fluid intake and treating any identified underlying disease. Patients with more severe hypercalcaemia need prompt treatment to reduce plasma calcium concentrations independent of the cause.

Therapeutic category: Calcium supplements.

Legal category: OTC.